Firstly, you may want to know what is C- arm, let tell you. a C- arm is also called x-ray image intensifier and is a commonly used gadget in orthopedic surgeries. It is also used in many other procedures like gastroendoscopy, vascular surgery, neurosurgery etc.

There are two types of C- arms or fixed image intensifiers - fixed and mobile.

What is it used?

It is an imaging device which uses X-rays and produces a live image feed which is displayed on a TV screen. The term image intensifier refers to a special component of the machine, which allows low intensity X-rays to be amplified, resulting in a smaller dose to the patient.

It aids in surgery by displaying the structure not visible or discernible otherwise and aids in accurate placement of implants. There are a number of surgeries which are not possible carry out unless aided by a C- arm.

A mobile C- arm IITV system is used during surgery for image-guided interventions or minimally invasive procedures.

In orthopedic surgery, it is specifically used in complicated cases such as repositioning dislocated bone fragments, placing pedicle screws in the spine or positioning osteosynthetic material.

OK ,next let me show you some hot points of C- arm system

1. Advantages

C- Arm x-ray machines use intensifiers that magnify readings. This allows lower amounts of X-rays to be used, and results in less radiation exposure for patients and professionals.

2. Applications

C- Arm machines are often smaller than traditional units, and can be used in more confined spaces. This size advantage also enables applications such as mobile screening rooms.

3. Capabilities

C- Arm imaging equipment is capable of being adjusted to different settings depending on the application. This means that X-ray exposure can be fine-tuned, and results in lower radiation levels.

4. Comfort

By being small and adjustable, C- Arm units offer increased patient comfort compared to traditional models. This minimal invasiveness also allows faster diagnosis and treatment for patients.

What is C- arm?

Created on:2017-04-21